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Exquisite: 1. Characterized by intricate and beautiful design or execution. 2. Of such beauty or delicacy as to arouse intense delight. 3. Excellent; flawless. 4. Acutely perceptive or discriminating. 5. Intense; keen.


Long before mindfulness was fashionable, Exquisite Mind's founder Arnie Kozak, was studying, practicing, and teaching mindfulness and Buddhist psychology. Beginning with a journey to India in the 80’s, Arnie began his lifelong practice in mindfulness meditation.


Arnie Kozak, PhD, is a psychotherapist, clinical assistant professor in psychiatry at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, and workshop leader at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, The Copper Beech Institute, and the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. He is author of Wild Chickens and Petty Tyrants: 108 Metaphors for Mindfulness, The Everything Guide to the Introvert Edge, The Awakened Introvert: Practical Mindfulness Skills for Maximizing Your Strengths and Thriving in a Loud and Crazy World, The Everything Essentials Buddhism Book, and Mindfulness A-Z: 108 Insights for Awakening Now. Arnie has been practicing yoga and meditation for over thirty years and is dedicated to translating the Buddha’s teachings into readily accessible forms. In the long winters of northern Vermont when he’s not working, he rides the frozen slopes on his snowboard. During the short summers, he golfs. During all seasons, you can find him trailing running with his dogs in the foothills of the Green Mountains.



Arnie Kozak on his spritual journey to India and Nepal in 1985-6



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Dr. Arnie Kozak teaching at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies
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