Wild Chickens and Petty Tyrants: 108 Metaphors for Mindfulness


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“I love this book. It's an indispensable tool for all who love language and all who want to live more mindfully, happily, humorously, and poetically.”

                                         — Jaimal Yogis Author of "Saltwater Buddha"

In 1988, my doctoral advisor in clinical psychology introduced me to a slim volume Metaphors We Live By, by the linguist George Lakoff and the philosopher Mark Johnson. This incisive work shaped the course of my graduate education and changed the way I think about and practice psychotherapy.


Metaphors help us to understand the world: they are the workhorse of language and meaning, letting us understand one thing in terms of another and helping us to communicate our understanding to others. We understand the world by metaphor and by doing so create a sense of the familiar. Yet metaphors are far more than colorful devices of language. In fact, they cannot be separated from the way we see and even experience the world. What’s more, much of our everyday language is based metaphorically on our physical bodies–our embodiment—and many metaphors reflect, after a fashion, the way the human brain is organized. In this way, concepts are not arbitrary references but reflect how we are built, the very structure of our being.



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The Everything Buddhism Book (2nd Edition)

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.

--Dalai Lama



The life of Buddha and his continuing influence throughout the world

A revealing survey of the definitive Buddhist texts

What the Sutras say about education, marriage, sex, and death

Faith-fueled social protest movements in Tibet, Burma, and elsewhere

Buddhist art, poetry, architecture, calligraphy, and landscaping

The proven physiological effects of meditation and other Buddhist practices

The growing impact of Buddhism on modern American culture


In this guide, you'll discover the deceptively simple truths of this enigmatic religion. Most important, you learn how to apply the tenets of Buddhism to your daily life--and achieve clarity and inner peace in the process.


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We Are Constructed Through Metaphor. Article in the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies online Full Moon Journal


While mindfulness meditation shows us that language pervades our mental experience, some of those who analyze human experience have long felt there was even more to it than that. Recent analyses of language suggest that metaphor is not just a type of language use but the very structure of language—and therefore thought—itself. Read more ...

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