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Exquisite Mind Golf is peace of mind for your game. Psychologist, author, executive coach, and mental skills consultant, Dr. Arnie Kozak, provides mindfulness training to improve concentration, endurance, and enjoyment in golf and life. To get the most out of your game Exquisite Mind Golf teaches tools for living now! Integrate body and mind, cultivate wisdom, refine emotional control, and drop your handicap.


Change your game today by reading his eBook: Swing Like You Don't Care


Swing Like You Don't Care is for any golfer who would like to have better concentration on the course and play in the present moment. If you get frustrated while playing, the wisdom in each of these 54 chapters will give you the skills to succeed in golf--scoring your best and enjoying your time playing this great game. Mindfulness is a form of mind fitness and can help you to be in the present while golfing. That much is obvious. What may be less obvious is how the game of golf itself can help you to develop your spiritual qualities of patience, virtue, and wisdom. Swing Like You Don't Care is irreverent and thoughtful and can be the digital companion to your golf game.


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"The person I fear most in the last two rounds is myself."

—Tom Watson

Exquisite Mind Golf: Mental Game Training, Leadership Consulting

“I’ve always been interested in the mental side of the game and I hired Doc to help me deepen my application of these principles. Doc has been an informative and patient guide in the process of taking these principles from an intellectual understanding to an experiential level. Doc has been a great help to my game and me this summer – he has helped me recognize some of strengths and weaknesses. We have worked together to build those strengths and diminish those weaknesses. He has followed my progress all summer through individual meetings, email, phone calls, and even caddied for me at one tournament. He has tailored his approach to suit my individual needs. My energy and attention are more directed and I have become more comfortable and composed in my game. The teachings of Exquisite Mind Golf have been instrumental in my development as a golfer and I look forward to working with Doc in the future. If you want to develop the critical component of training attention and getting your mind fit, I recommend Doc and his Exquisite Mind Golf programs.” Todd Trono—Vermont PGA Player of the Year 2005 to 2008.

Todd Trono for Exquisite Mind Golf

Todd Trono—Vermont PGA Player of the Year 2005 to 2008.

Swing Like You Don't Care: 54 Practical, Ponderable, and Portable Lessons for Life and Golf

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