Learn/ Guided Meditations 1: Basic Mindfulness: Breathing and Body

This CD teaches the basic practices of mindfulness meditation. The first track provides instructions for the breathing meditation. These instructions last approximately 10 minutes and are followed by 30 minutes of guided practice with reminders to come back to the breath. The instructions take you through all the basics for sitting meditation, including suggestions for physical posture, and the attitude for approaching the practice. Collectively these comprise the seat for meditation and we come to our seat whenever we do meditation. And this includes meditating in the four orientations: sitting, walking, standing, and lying down. The formal breathing meditation sets the foundation for informal awareness of breath throughout the course of the day. Whenever we are tense or stressed, we can become mindful of the breath and return to the present moment.


The Body scan takes the mindful attention cultivated in the breathing meditation and brings this to the entire body. Track 3 lasts 40 minutes and will take you on a guided tour of the body. By paying attention to the physical sensations present in the body with a nonjudgmental and nonreactive attention, we can become more intimate with what is happening to us, and gain a greater sense of control of discomfort and pain.

Free Guided meditation: Mindful breathing instructions
Free guided mindfulness of breathing meditation
Free guided mindfulness of body (body scan) meditation



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“When we speak of “taking your seat” for meditation, we often imagine sitting down in the lotus position—but more broadly,... The body can sit down, and the mind must sit down too.”

                                                                                        —Arnie Kozak, from Wild Chickens and Petty Tyrants

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