Learn/ Guided Meditations 2: Basic Mindfulness: Walking and Standing

Walking meditation is another form of mindfulness practice that helps us to bring mindfulness into movement and our activities in the world. Track 1 contains instructions and an overview on mindful walking. Tracks 2, 3, & 4 provide guided practice that get successfully slower in each track. In these practices, the mindful steps are linked to the breath, and we step with each breath according to the instructions. During track 4, you will need to take small steps to stay with the instructions. Remember, we are not trying to get anywhere! Standing, along with walking, sitting, and lying down is one of the four orientations to experience mindfulness. Track 5 provides a brief standing meditation that borrows the image of a mountain to provide a dignified, noble, and strong way to stand. Standing practice also brings us into daily life and can be done any time we are somewhere waiting where we can stand. We can also employ walking in this way. In this way, we never need be bored again! We can always practice. The standing orientation continues in track 6 with a series of gentle yoga postures that are conducted mindfully. The goal is to be mindful in movement and to explore the frontiers of our embodied experience. Yoga practices continue on the next CD.

Free guided meditation: mindful walking instructions
Free guided meditation: slow mindful walking
Free guided meditation: slow mindful walking part 2
Free guided meditation: slow mindful walking part 3
Free guided meditation: mindfulness standing
Free guided meditation: standing mindful yoga



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