Learn/ Guided Meditations 4: Mind Scan and Emptiness

This CD contains the mind scan practice, which builds on the practices in the first CD. The mind scan starts with focus on the breath, and then opens this awareness to the entire body. Then focus is invited to include awareness of sounds. From this place of moment-to-moment awareness of what is happening in the body and the environment, attention is then directed at the place where thoughts, feelings, and images arise. The key is to see this arising without engaging with the content of those thoughts. All of these different experiences are objects in the mind and we practice seeing them as such. When we look at thoughts as objects instead of representations of truth, we change our relationship to thinking. The energy behind thoughts has a tendency to dissipate when regarded as process instead of content. The second track, entitled “emptiness” guides us into a space of quiet abiding to whatever arises in experience. Since attention moves to whatever arises in experience, it is empty of content and expectation. Emptiness can be experienced whenever we relinquish our agenda for experience in the moment. When we grasp at something, we are no longer empty. And then the next moment comes and we have an opportunity to be empty again.

Free Guided Meditation: Mind Scan
Free guided meditation: Emptiness



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