Learn/ Guided Meditations 7: Obstacles to Perfection & Informal Practice

What are the obstacles to experiencing this moment as perfection? Restlessness, distractions, boredom, and impatience are some of these obstacles. When we can look at these as obstacles and concepts the mind generates to interfere with the experience of perfection, and by looking at them as such we can begin to clear away these obstacles. Other obstacles include concepts of time, comfort, and even our self. When we can drop all of these concepts and rest in the moment, we come to a place of perfection. This is not perfectionism, which involves striving in harsh ways and trying to reach an idea of perfection. Rather, it is the perfection that arises whenever we can allow the mind’s stories to stop, and we can set the concepts that impede us aside. This meditation also asks us to sit still for an entire hour. Therefore, this is a challenging practice, and should not be attempted until there is a foundation from the other practices. This meditation on perfection closes with an ancient Sanskrit chant on the nature of perfection. Following this meditation is a discussion of bringing informal mindfulness practice into daily life.

free guided meditation: Obstacles to Perfection
free guided meditation: informal practice in daily life



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“Whether we eat, sleep, work, play, whatever we do, life contains dissatisfaction, pain. If we enjoy pleasure, we are afraid to lose it; we strive for more and more pleasure or try to contain it. If we suffer pain we want to escape it. We experience dissatisfaction all the time. All activities contain dissatisfaction or pain, continuously.”

                                                                                           ― Chögyam Trungpa

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