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"Human beings must, in a sense, always, in order to create meaning, in order to create an ecology of belonging around them, must bring the central questions of their life into whatever they are doing most of the time."


-- David Whyte from Clear Mind, Wild Heart


"Each moment of consciousness is a precious gift. Awareness itself is the primary currency of the human condition, and as such it is inherently of immense value and deserves to be spent carefully."


--Andrew Olendzki from Unlimiting Mind

An engaged workforce is a productive workforce. Mindfulness helps your people to be fully engaged with their work, increasing their focus and decreasing their stress.


A recent Wall Street Journal article noted:


“One of the most effective stress-beaters, research shows, is a training program called “mindfulness-based stress reduction,” developed years ago at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, but adapted in recent years for the office. Numerous studies link training in the technique to increased activity in regions of the brain involved in self-control and the ability to pay attention and process sensory input.”


An ongoing study at Dow, has found that a modified program of seven weeks of mindfulness training for one hour per week resulted in significant changes in resiliency, perceived stress, work engagement, and the five factors of mindfulness (observing, describing, acting with awareness, nonjudging of inner experience, and nonreactivity to inner experience). A follow up assessment is planned (personal communication with the researcher).


Aetna Chairman and CEO Mark Bertolini has brought the benefits of mindfulness to his 34,000 employees. In this video interview with Ariana Huffington, he says the most stressed employees (in the highest 20%) have $2000 more healthcare costs per year. He implemented a 12-week online, one-hour mindfulness course for his employees, 6000 who have taken the course. I had the privilege to be involved with the early implementation of this program. The results of the Aetna study showed an 11:1 ROI. Employees had significant improvements in heart rate variability and increases in productivity. He also feels the mindfulness training has led to a better culture of decision-making. Cue up the video to 3:29 to hear Bertolini speak on mindfulness.





























Mind Fitness Corporate Training provides mindfulness training that promotes engagement and reduces stress for your staff. The benefits of the workplace are not limited to increased productivity and focus but spill over into the personal lives making people happier and less stressed.


Having worked in corporate America for ten years, Arnie is no stranger to the challenges in the workplace. Arnie uses metaphors, poetry, and easy to understand applications of mindfulness.


This training can be tailored to the needs of your company and are available in a variety of formats – from a 1-hour introductory training to 8-week courses and ongoing consultation. Training can be done at your work site or in groups of 15-20 at the Exquisite Mind Studio in downtown Burlington.


The opportunity to listen to Arnie Kozak teach Mindfulness through an employer-based, teleconference training was a real gift.  This series quickly opened up a new way of thinking and working within my nurse practitioner practice.  Many clients that we see often are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, not sleeping, and experiencing mental exhaustion.  The principles that I learned through Arnie’s classes provided me with some tools to help people find their own way to living in the present and not living in the “what if” world of stress.  Clients have come in on the verge of a panic attack and left relaxed – without a prescription.  These transitions have been significant and peaked my interest to learn more as I believe this is the most powerful intervention in which I have participated. -- MJ Gilmer, MSN, ARNP, BC


It is clear to me, as CEO of a technology company, that providing Dr. Kozak's workshop and course work to our staff has been a huge success and a smart choice for our company. It is amazing what diverse returns can be reaped from such a low impact benefit, and how much our employees appreciate it. We will continue to make this a part of our benefits package." -- Howard Pierce, CEO


"World events, business pressures, and life's little surprises all combine to add stress to our lives. Mindfulness training provided our employee participants with a valuable set of coping skills that can be applied in both professional and personal experiences. The perfect "just in time training" for today's workforce." --  Dan Reay, Vice President of Operations


“Living in the present allows for more awareness and enjoyment of life. A side benefit, and a huge benefit at that, is being able to use these techniques

to reduce daily anxiety and stress. The Exquisite Mind at Work proved to be a very useful workshop for me and the other participants at our company.

I'm pleased that we will be adding this workshop to our Wellness Benefits”-- Donna Hamilton, SPHR, Director of Human Resources





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